Core Wilderness Skills training

Do you feel a longing to enrich your life with the empowering skills that your ancestors knew as a way of life?  

Are you being pulled to slow down, to engage your senses and expand the capacity of your mind, to discover a sense of connection and belonging beyond what's available in the busy grind of the modern every-day?

Do you yearn for the sanctity and realness of the wild?

On the deepest level, our relationship with the natural world is what makes us human. This week-long course has been very intentionally designed to thoroughly introduce you to the universal and timeless wilderness living skills that are the "blueprint" for human thriving. Dive into the fundamentals of wild wisdom through the weaving together of practical skills instruction and demonstration, personal time on the land, hands-on workshop "dirt time," storytelling, and community connection. 

Course Topics Include:

• Shelter, Water, Fire, Food 

• Wildlife tracking

• Bird language, concentric rings and the baseline symphony of nature

• Stone, bone, and antler tools and usage

• Tree and plant fibres- harvesting, processing and preserving

• Tanning and preserving hides and animal skins 

• Wild edible, medicinal and utilitarian plant applications

• Traditional hunting and trapping methods

• Stalking, natural movement, and camouflage

• Stewardship and caretaker ethics 

• Empowering our ecological footprint (your tracks)

• Traditional cooking and food preservation

• Container making, and more...


When: Jul 07, 2024, 7:00 PM (arrive any time after 4 pm to set up)– Jul 13, 2024, 12:00 PM

Where: Manitoulin Eco Park, Manitoulin Island, ON

Exchange: $750 + HST


• Instruction and demonstrations, materials 

• Constructive analytical mentoring and group discussions 

• A place to set up your tent 

• Access to outdoor camp kitchen space to prepare your food and wash up 

• Coffee and tea

• Delicious home-cooked dinners made from organic and local ingredients 

• Access to beautiful land  



• Your own tent, tools, camping and hunting gear (gear requirements vary, and a specific course-tailored packing list will be sent to you upon registration) 

• Your own breakfast, lunches and snacks and mess kit