Receiving and Releasing ~ TBA

Let the Spirit of Song Move Through You

Each of us with our unique voice can make the choice to embrace this gift we have been born with. We invite you to join us in exploring the power of song, ways in which we can open channels to receive song as an energetic tonic that brings limitless blessings into our lives: sweetness, grief, storminess, joy, exhilaration, creativity, personal reflection, deep connection…

Connecting with our own truth through using song-channeling, writing and singing can also be a cathartic, allowing us to assimilate change and process our life lessons and personal journeys. Song can be a mirror, and it can be a way to release blockages, to soothe and to heal.


During this workshop, we will weave together nature connection practices and routines with deep listening exercises, discussion blocks and of course, lots of group singing and vocal exploration. We hold a safe space for exploring song-writing, and for sharing of both spontaneous song moments as well as more in-depth “works-in-progress.” We look forward to meeting each of you where you’re at, gently nudging you to push your song edges, to go a little deeper into your journey as a human with a voice. Previous song-writing or singing experience is not required. Come, if there’s a small or big voice in your heart encouraging you to do so.