roots-300pixelsSince its creation in May 2008, we have strived to uphold the values of teaching in their truest sense. It is with a feeling of Thanksgiving that we acknowledge those who have come before us and given of themselves in order to preserve skills that teach ecological wisdom and inspire community stewardship.  A deep sense of belonging to and oneness with the earth is spawned when wilderness wisdom is integrated into our lives.  It is this sense that keeps us coming back to create similar opportunities for others to learn to emulate this wisdom as stewards of the Earth.  We have learned the inherent value of teaching from a simple observation that many have shared in the past: that no matter how hard you try to be subtle with your effects on the earth, you have an effect nonetheless.  You will always make tracks and there will always be trackers.  It is with this in mind that we choose to passionately teach the skills which help us all to empower the tracks we leave behind.