Workshops allow students to focus on a
specific area or “skill”. They are fun, full of interaction and above all, taught by highly skilled mentors and guides.

Empowering Ancient Ways: The core skills of this course were combined after much preparation and introspection as to how to incorporate the most well-rounded and universal wilderness wisdom and teachings into one week-long experience.

Using a tool to shave a bow

Bow Building: Learn the Ancient Art of Bow Building. Through this hands-on workshop, students spend time shaping, tillering, bending and finally shooting their own bows.

Flint Arrow Head

Ancient Hunting Skills: Prepare for an autumn of hunting. This course builds on the skills learned in Empowering Ancient Ways, and Wildlife Tracking. You will leave this course prepared with everything you need to enter the field and ready for the hunt. Tracking and scouting various properties throughout the region will allow students to learn all the variables enabling you to set up spots to hunt this fall in a variety of habitats. No Experience is necessary… simply the passion to learn!

deer tracks 300px

The Way of The Hunt: This course will focus exclusively on becoming one with the White tail deer.  We will apply the sacred skills of the ancients to get you as close as you can get to a white tail while staying completely invisible.

deer tracks 300px

Apprenticeship: Deepen your Awareness and Connection on all levels. Wherever you are on your personal journey, the Apprenticeship Program presses your edges of growth in many areas. Through specific skills training, core routine practice, and immersion in the Wild, you will come to learn more about yourself, your connection to others, and to nature. Your hands will get dirty. The tracks you make in the world will become cleaner, and more intentional. You will have the opportunity to truly explore who you are, where you’re at, and how you can get to where you want to go..