Empowering Ancient Ways Update:

After many requests we have gone ahead and created a three session format for one of our favorite programs – Empowering Ancient Ways – instead of a week long intensive we have added an extra day to the already full schedule and split it up into three sessions over two seasons to make it more manageable to digest. Of course along with another day we have added more content of the program and streamlined how we are going to deliver the training experience throughout the Spring and Summer seasons.

The core skills of this course have been brought together after much preparation and introspection as to how to incorporate the most well-rounded and universal wilderness wisdom and teachings into one week-long experience. This course provides the ingredients to enrich the life of anyone who lives on planet Earth, from the most seasoned wilderness guides to wildlife biologists, busy professionals who yearn for the sanctity of the wild, or anybody interested in being thoroughly introduced to wilderness living skills.

Course Topics Include:

Shelter, Water, Fire, Food
Wildlife Tracking
Bird language, concentric rings and the base line symphony of nature
Stone, bone, and antler tools and usage
Tree and Plant Fibers- Harvesting, Processing and Preserving
Tanning and Preserving Hides and Animal Skins in various ways
Wild Edible, Medicinal and Utilitarian applications
Traditional Hunting and Trapping methods
Stalking, Natural Movement, and Camouflage
Stewardship and Caretaker Ethics Emphasized
Empowering our ecological footprint (your tracks)
Traditional cooking and food preservation
Container making, and More!



May Session – TBD

July Session – TBD

August Session – TBD


One time payment – $650 +HST
Total – $734.50


Deposit $100 up front + 3 payments
Total $847.50


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Phone: 519-216-6942

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Empowering Ancient Ways
Payment Notes

Payment Notes