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Stewardship Projects

     Sticks & Stones Wilderness School is passionate about inspiring stewardship within our own communities by offering many ways that people and groups can help out.   We coordinate spring and fall volunteer stewardship projects within around the Headwaters community to help raise local ecological awareness and provide opportunities for people to give back to the habitats they call home.  We also teach hands-on and demonstration-style workshops for individuals and groups who want a more comprehensive understanding of stewardship. If you own property and would like to learn how to manage it more sustainably, or if you know of land in need of rehabilitation, please contact us to discuss the possibility to running a stewardship event or workshop in your area.

Stewardship Projects and Workshops


    As part of our ongoing stewardship commitment with Kimbercote Farm, we will conduct a caretaking event during our annual Headwaters Gathering every spring.  Kimbercote Farm and Sticks & Stones Wilderness School are located in the Beaver Valley, near Heathcote, ON.

     The Way of the Steward is a four-day program that helps everyone see first hand the exponential benifits of practical, hands on, land based management that can put into action by those willing to listen to Mother Nature.

See also our Practical Land Stewardship page.

Past Events

     The Stewardship Project for  fall 2009 was held at Kimbercote Farm, near the beautiful town of Kimberly Ontario.  After holding the Spring Headwaters Gathering at the farm, it seemed evident that the land holds a great amount of potential that can be brought to fruition if some coordination of efforts was to be put forth.  Through the partnership of Sticks & Stones Wilderness School and the staff at Kimbercote, we held a Stewardship Weekend at the property to kick off what is shaping up to be a long term relationship between the school and the farm.  On October 24th and 25th we invited the community of Ontario to come out and join us for this educational adventure.  Sticks and Stones Wilderness School has drafted a Management Plan that was implemented beginning the week of October 19th to set the tone for the weekend.  We want to thank everyone who pitched in on this revolutionary project.  This season’s project helped to set the foundation for next year’s The Way of the Caretaker-Ancient Stewardship Workshop series.  Keep an eye to the sky for more Smoke Signal updates.

     The path of the Caretaker is one of endless adventure and responsibility, for taking care is the greatest gift that can be given….

     By promoting diverse ecological structure, function and the potential for integrity in ecological systems, all levels of life are effected.

     We take great strides to initiate sound ecological awareness within our communities by providing the skills to allow people to take action and choose to participate in the stewardship of our ecological systems, our habitats, our homes and all of our communities alike.

     Skeet Sutherland first gained recognition for his efforts in ecological stewardship after coordinating a series of stewardship events in Orangeville, Ontario that ran consecutively in the spring months of 2002 and 2003.  After receiving  an Award of Conservation Merit for coordinating the Mill Creek Stewardship Projects it seemed the path was set for Skeet.  Teaching Stewardship in an integrated format, at the most universal level, through the skills of the Caretaker, which is inclusive to all life and ways of living, Skeet learned to foster his innate talent for inspiring within other people a sense of passion for Stewardship.

     We welcome your support whether through your energy or by way of financial or equipment donations.  Please contact us if you wish to take part in any project or would like to make a financial contribution.  If you would like to donate equipment, please visit our “Wish List” to see where our needs lie.If you have a stewardship project in mind or have access to land that is need of rehabilitation, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk with you about it.

Take Care….

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