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Forest Stewardship & MFTIP

MFTIP – Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

What is MFTIP?

     The Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) encourages landowners to become stewards of their properties by offering significant tax reductions (25% of normal rate for forested areas) to those who implement a certified management plan.

     Maybe you’d like to facilitate the natural succession of a conifer plantation into a hardwood forest, or set up natural corridors to encourage wildlife habitation on your land.  You could also set up a sustainable plan for recreation, or  forest product. There are many opportunities to manage your property in ways that will improve its ecological footprint for generations to come.

How do I know if my property is eligible?

     Your property must be at least 10 acres, and those 10 acres must be forested.  Contact Skeet Sutherland of Sticks & Stones Wilderness School for an initial property assessment/consultation.

Skeet Sutherland is a certified MFTIP Plan Approver. Services include:

  • Private consultation with landowner(s)
  • Ecological inventory of property
  • Property and resource mapping
  • Preparation and approval of stewardship plans that sustainably manage your property’s ecological integrity while keeping objectives and implementation practical and affordable

How can my land become enrolled in a MFTIP?

     If your land is eligible, you may create a suitable management plan for your property. Your plan must be approved by a certified MFTIP plan approver in order for you to begin receiving benefits for its implementation. We would be happy to approve and submit your plan.

What happens after my plan is submitted?

     Once you submit a plan and are approved for tax benefits, you must follow your plan to the best of your ability and resources.  To submit a MFTIP is to make a commitment to the sustainable management of your forest. If you choose to do something that will harm your forest, you must first leave the MFTIP program.

Contact Skeet Sutherland for information regarding the MFTIP program.

519-216-6842 or mftip@wildernessschool.ca

     For more information regarding the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) please visit the website links at the bottom of this page as needed.

Workshops & Presentations

     Sticks and Stones Wilderness School also provides workshops and presentations that help landowners choose the best options for practical land stewardship and caretaking methods and models.  Helping landowners learn valuable lessons from tracking and wilderness awareness skills, that are integral to land stewardship.  An emphasis is placed on the intrinsic value of wildlife habitat ecology as well as rehabilitation and native species naturalization management.

Practical Land Stewardship -We are offering a one day workshop thatwill demonstrate how you can achieve sustainability on your land through practical and effective methods of land stewardship.  Using a beautiful property in the Beaver Valley to illustrate success over time, you will get to see for yourself the results that can be achieved.

Resource links:

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Thanks for your interest in Stewardship and Sustainable Land Management

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