Stone tools can be used exclusively to turn any partial survival situation into a wilderness experience like that of the Garden of Eden.  The preparation and fashioning of such tools begins by rekindling within us a desire and passion to fuel the fire and help us learn the ancient language of the stones.  In making and using such tools we are brought closer to the earth, by the virtues of understanding through doing.  Not only do participants learn to shape various stones pragmatically and efficiently from a utilitarian perspective, they also learn to form a deeper respect for the earth through a keen understanding of how rock formations evolve from a geological perspective.  This ellicits an appreciation that grounds one’s self awareness and broadens one’s respect and empathy for all life.

Tracking rock formations and bioregional availability are discussed in terms of practicality and tool needs.

This workshop will be run in partnership with Stew Oliver.

No Experience is necessary..simply the passion to learn!



June 16 – 18th


$350 +HST ($45.50)
Total – $395.50


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