Deepen your Awareness and Connection on all levels.

Wherever you are on your personal journey, the Apprenticeship Program presses your edges of growth in many areas. Through specific skills training, core routine practice, and immersion in the Wild, you will come to learn more about yourself, your connection to others, and to nature. Your hands will get dirty. The tracks you make in the world will become cleaner, and more intentional. You will have the opportunity to truly explore who you are, where you’re at, and how you can get to where you want to go.

Highlights of the Apprenticeship Program:
The seven-month program invites participants to live on-site from May until November, thoroughly integrating wilderness skills and community stewardship principals into their lives for the duration of their stay, and beyond.

During the first month on site, participants build their own shelters on the property (debris hut, tipi, wiki-up), which will serve as their personal living/sleeping space throughout their stay. Outdoor camp-style kitchen facilities are also available for apprentice use (Apprentices must supply their own food, except during specific scheduled programs, when dinners are provided).

The program is uniquely catered to each participant, in accordance with his or her own personal goals, interests, and skills. As well as offering guidance, resources and course instruction, our aim is to provide an inspiring environment that empowers community-supported, self-taught learning.

Additional Information

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Apprenticeship Program. Interested persons must be passionate, self-motivated and committed to pursuing their goals over the course of their stay. Contact us if you would like an application package. Do not wait, we are only accepting 16 participants for 2017.

Cost: $3,980 (+HST)

In effort to make the program affordable, apprentices contribute as integrated members of the community. Helping tend to the ongoing logistical needs of the camp (splitting firewood, helping in stewardship endeavors on the property, cleaning tools, helping to prep for classes, etc) not only enriches their experience, but acts as a work-trade in accordance with the program fee.

The total cost of programs and training for the Apprenticeship program is approximately $8000. A savings of $1000 is given to apprentices in honor of there commitment to long term training; this combined with approximately 300 hours of work trade ($3020) brings the monetary cost down to $3980 +HST.


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