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A few of the remarks, stories and thoughts on Sticks and Stones’ programs:

Student Testimonials

    ”My experience at Empowering Ancient Ways really help clairfy the direction I want to take in my life. The awarness skills and sit spot exercise helped me acquire my summer job last year and reinvigorated my interest in pursuing post-graduate studies at university. The teaching and support given by Skeet and the rest of the crew was incredible and really helps you strive for success. The bow drill was personally the most difficult skill that I succeeded in performing and gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment I’ve had as far back as I can remember. The people that you meet there are great and the sense of community that develops exceeds the duration of the courses. I would highly recommend Sticks and Stones Wilderness School to anyone who loves the outdoors, wants a challenge or wishes to experince something new. I am defintely looking to take more classes.” Chris Deduke”

     “I can’t really put this into words.  The passion and conscious engagement of all parties involved was inspiring.  Chris and Skeet have not only taken the time to swim deep into the vast ocean of knowledge but they are also eloquent speakers, passionate storytellers and all-around awesome guys.  They have mastered the art of survival and tracking, and the art of teaching as well.” – Student

     “Mind expanding. Intensive. Extensive” – Student

     “It will change your life.  You learn how to make fire.  You have to go.” – Student

     “I can’t sum it up but to say that I have had some powerful and vivid, beautiful, sychronistic and connective learning experiences – directly thanks to the strength and knowledge of the program leaders, Skeet, Chris, Alexis and the many volunteers.

     Empowering Ancient Ways is not really a survival course , in the sense that no presumption is made that there is any difference between everyday living, and the intensity of a wilderness survival situation. The teachers of this course are strong mentors- returning from profound journeys into the possibilities of human relations with this earth to share the skills, teachings and passions that have enabled them to go on journeys- awakening deeper senses of human potential to relate and become stewards of this our earth and home.” – Student

Parent Testimonial (for the Apprenticeship Program):

     "When our 18 year old son, Michael, chose to leave Royal Military College after his first year, he was pretty confused about his path. He is a natural athlete and enjoyed the physical demands of the military. Uncertain how to continue to be challenged, he explored different ways of life, none which quite captivated his interest for very long. After eight months of frustrating research, he came upon Sticks and Stones Wilderness School and indicated he would like to try it out for a week. That was it – it became a way of life for him. He found focus and a life philosophy which gave him some sense of relevance. Skeet became his mentor as Michael returned to Sticks and Stones for a full apprenticeship.
      When he did come home from the completion of this apprenticeship, he was a lot more accepting and very patient with himself and others. He brought a sense of balance back into our family life. He is becoming an exceptional young man and we attribute a lot of his positive approach to an enhanced understanding of environmental issues and greater appreciation for how people respond to change in their lives, all of which was nurtured through the School. We would highly recommend this experience for a person seeking to reconnect with nature and a more natural way of life.” ~ Jayne Pyette and Joel Peters

Empowering Ancient Ways “What did you enjoy most about the course?”

“Overall gift of hands-on experience and coyote teaching methods.” Student

“The Skills, food, underlying purpose, using the day productively, learning more about myself.”  Student

“Acceptance, Laughter, Volunteers, Location.”  Student

“The food, the friends, the laughter, the lessons, the blindfold and the sit area.” Student

“Community, depth of knowledge and skill base” Student

“Inspiration, Skills Set, Community.”  Volunteer

“The mentoring,  the meaning and care that is given to these skills, the chance to do more with the teachers, for the group and with the group” Volunteer

Traditional Bow Workshop

“Wood is so cool, I had no idea it could teach so much!”  Student

“It is feels so great to have made a bow, I have always wanted to build one properly.”  Student

“This is where woodworking becomes a pragmatic art form.  Shaping a bow has such a dynamic application not only for its ability to harvest food in a good way but also how it can help you to really slow down and learn how to learn, in a good way.”   Volunteer

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